360˚ Process

The 360 Process is the system on which we have built our whole business and brand. This process takes the form of a turnkey solution for every garden build project, personally tailored to each individual client’s needs.


From the first engagement to completion, each phase of the work is lead by an approach that is responsive to the unique nature of people working with us. The design process is a client-led experience; we simply translate your vision into a reality through our creative and experienced designers. The physical work will be overseen and coordinated by a dedicated manager who will be your only needed point of contact, taking the stress of multiple contractors and suppliers out of the picture. Furthermore, our 24 months guarantee ensures that you have the peace of mind that the enjoyment of your new GardenSpace360 room is secure well into the future

Site Survey

We will visit you at your convenience. Our surveyor will give you a full understanding of our product and services. At the same time we will take all the information we need about your property, including build area, ground conditions and electrical power supply

Custom Design

Whether on a visit to our design studio at our showroom, or on a return visit to your home, we will translate your vision into a custom design for your GardenSpace360 room to start to become a reality. This is where it starts to get exciting!

Booking installation

Our office team will contact you to take a deposit and book your installation dates. This will then initiate the manufacture process and prompt our procurement department to supply your choices for optional extras and finishes.

Delivery and Ground works

On the first day we start on site, the delivery and ground works will take place. This is the preparation work that will form the base for your GardenSpace360.

Installation and Electrics

The structural installation and electrical supply process will take between 1 and 2 working days. There are minimum waste materials. No mess, no stress.

Decoration and Final Touches

The work will be complete within another 7 to 14 working days. Panelling, cladding, wall and floor coverings, and any option extras that you have specified will all be complete in this time.


When you are happy and have signed off the work, it’s time for us to bring you your complementary gift set and for you to start enjoying your new room. Get to work, hop on the treadmill, or fire up the BBQ; we out of your way.

Payment & Finance Plans

Deposit of £360
to confirm your
installation date
50% of your total build
cost 4 weeks before
installation date
Remaining balance
after your building
work is completed
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